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OPTIX Glass Protector

Optix Glass Treatment
  • Protection

  • Xpert OPTIX makes your windshield more resistant to stray rocks, hail, and sand storms. This amazing formula can extend the life of your windshield. Also protects against smudging, scratching and chips on your mobile devices.
  • Visibility

  • Increase windshield visibility by up to 34%.
  • Laboratory Tests

  • Tested to reduce sand pitting, stone chips, smearing, smudging, ice and snow.
  • Long Lasting

  • Won’t rub off or wash off like other windshield coatings. Xpert OPTIX is car wash safe!
  • Improved Safety

  • Reduces night glare and the distracting halos of oncoming headlights to make night driving safer and more relaxing. Our Xpert OPTIX technology resists rain, dirt, and grime to help you and your passengers stay safe during extreme weather events.
  • Easy Cleaning

  • Our hydrophobic formula resists water, snow, ice, and grime. When you clean your windsheild you will notice that it’s a lot easier after Xpert OPTIX coating has been applied. This feature also makes it easier to clear ice and snow off your windshield. Sticky bugs and pollen will wash right off so you have a crystal clear view.


Optix Nano Glass Protector Kit
SKU: S1-OptixKit

Optix Nano Ceramic Coating Kit for DIY Glass and Mobile device protection.

Xpert Shopping price: $45.60
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