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Xpert Products USA’s......Terms and Condition of Trade


1. By using this Site you are governed by all Terms of Trade set out below and elsewhere on the Site, including its links, and such use indicates your agreement to all such Terms.

2. Xpert Products USA reserves the right to make changes to this Site, including its Terms of Trade and Pricing, without prior notice.

3. All information provided on this Website and its links is subject to change without prior notice and is to be used as a guide only. Xpert Products USA does not guarantee the accuracy of any such information and will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies. Photographs and images of products provided on this Website and links are provided for representational indicative purposes only. They are to be used as a guide only as they may not be fully representative of the product described.

4. Stock levels are under constant change and product's availability is not indicated by display only.

5. Xpert Products USA will not be liable for any damages whether direct, indirect or consequential, resulting from any inaccuracies in the information provided on this Website or its links.

6. Product names and brands may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. All rights are reserved.

7. Xpert Products USA Terms of Trade are governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of that State.

Terms & Conditions of Sale

The following Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all products and services provided by Xpert Products USA. Please make sure you choose carefully as all products are sold on a no refund basis, unless proven to have been faulty at time of sale. Xpert Products USA return policy on goods that are faulty and accepted by Xpert Products USA is to exchange for goods of equal value or to provide a credit towards the purchase of other goods at Xpert Products USA’s Discretion. All sales are Final.

1. The title of goods shall not pass to the buyer until full payment has been received and cheques are cleared by Xpert Products USA.

2. All orders are subject to acceptance and confirmation by Xpert Products USA.

3. Terms and conditions of payment for the Goods and/or Services are strictly CDB (Cash Before Delivery) unless otherwise agreed and specified on invoice. Payment by other than Cash or Cheque (by prior arrangement only) may attract additional administration charges. Payments by Credit Card will incur a non refundable surcharge and normal cancellation charges will apply.

4. Xpert Products USA cannot deliver to third party addresses unless otherwise agreed.

5. Xpert Products USA will not be responsible for goods lost or damaged in transit.

6. Customers are responsible for any costs incurred by unclaimed goods or refused shipments. Customers must ensure that someone is available at the delivery address to accept the goods. Xpert Products USA will use its best efforts to ensure that delivery is timely but cannot be held liable for any delayed or lost goods.

7. Xpert Products USA does not guarantee product compatibility. On Special request, non-faulty Products returned for credit must be done so within 7 days of invoice date, unopened, unused in its original packaging and will incur a 15% restocking fee of its invoiced value or market value at the discretion of Xpert Products USA. No goods will be accepted for return after 7 days.

8. Goods sold on "discounted, discontinued, back-to-back orders and no-return" basis will be sold from time to time by Xpert Products USA and cannot be returned or cancelled.

9. If an order for custom products or systems is cancelled before dispatch a charge of 10% of the purchase price will be applied. In the case of a component order cancellation, Xpert Products USA reserves the right, at its discretion, to charge up to 10% of the purchase price.

10. Xpert Products USA will only accept responsibility for adherence to technical or performance specifications by any goods to the extent that the Manufacturer of those goods accepts that same responsibility.

Conditions of Warranty

1. Xpert Products USA does not offer warranty for system misuse or damage caused by such. All warranties are not applicable to part used or incorrectly used systems.

2. Xpert Products USA covers limited manufacturer warranty unless specified otherwise by Xpert Products USA.

3. Non-Bright or dead paint after polishing does not automatically mean that Xpert products are faulty and due caution must be used by the purchaser and end user(s) that the system model purchased is as specified by Xpert Products USA to perform such actions, all freight charges to and from Xpert Products USA for exchange of units will be borne by customer.

4. Goods sold by Xpert Products USA may carry direct manufacturers' warranties. Any claims in these circumstances can only be handled by Xpert Products USA and the customer must contact Xpert Products USA for warranty claims.

5. Any goods returned for repair found by Xpert Products USA to be free of faults or goods with physical damage or damage caused by improper use are not covered by warranty. The customer shall be liable for a handling and service fees, including shipping costs if applicable.

6. No warranty claims will be accepted without a proof of purchase provided by the customer. The invoice is to be presented for any claims, and service fees will be charged if goods are found by Xpert Products USA to be free of faults.

7. Any unauthorised returned goods will not be accepted and will be sent back at customer's cost. Goods under warranty must be transported to Xpert Products USA at the customer's cost and returned in their original packaging. For Dead on Arrival (DOA items) all of the full set of accessories including all components, original packing materials, etc must be returned together with the DOA unit.

8. For all returned items including Dead on Arrival (DOA items) all of the full set of accessories including all components, original packing materials, etc must be returned together with the unit. If not restocking fees may apply

9. Xpert Products USA will not accept, refund or replace any damaged goods caused by operating goods beyond their specifications, misuse or improper handling.

10. Customers who choose to use any products beyond their specifications do so at entirely their own risk and accept that by doing so they have voided all warranties.

11. Failure of goods and equipment to over perform will not be accepted as any basis for a claim for faulty goods. Likewise goods over performing will not be deemed to be faulty

12. Repairs or replacements under the terms of warranty do not give rights to extensions or a new beginning of the warranty period and the remainder of the original warranty will apply. Repairs or replacements may be carried out with functionally equivalent parts.

13. Xpert Products USA takes all due care in providing all goods, however Xpert Products USA accepts no liability whatsoever for any form of damage or loss of the aforementioned goods arising during provision. Xpert Products USA will not be responsible for any loss of income in any form and it is the responsibility of the Customer to inform Xpert Products USA before returning any goods to Xpert Products USA for warranty.

14. Warranty is not transferable. Warranty will be voided if goods are found by Xpert Products USA to have any physical damage, unclear labels, or components due to inappropriate customer handling and use.

15. Warranty does not cover damage to other equipment used in conjunction with goods supplied by Xpert Products USA.

16. Warranty does not cover damage caused by negligence, power surges, or any acts of God, Terrorism or War.

17. In the case of goods that are returned in a damaged condition, Xpert Products USA reserves the right, it its discretion, to declare the goods Beyond Repair. Xpert Products USA will replace the goods, at the customer's cost, with new goods with applicable new warranties. In the event that goods and or parts are salvaged from the damaged goods and used in the new goods, whatever warranty remains on those salvaged goods will apply.

18. Customers who have warranted items, which are no longer available, will be offered an equivalent product or the choice to upgrade at the customers expense at Xpert Products USA's discretion.

Payment Terms are expressly current terms of payment as per Xpert Products USA, for details please contact Xpert Products USA.
Prices are exclusive of Taxes and are subject to change without prior notice.
Prices as per lists are discounted for Cash, Cheque and Direct Bank Payment. Credit Card transactions may incur a Surcharge
All information provided on this Website and its links, including technical and performance information, is provided as a guide only.
All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
All sales are subject to our Terms of Trade.

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